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Edith White
October, 8th, 2018
Matt, the Miracle Worker, as far as I am concerned. I am in my early seventies and wanted to work on balance. Which I don’t have. Despite yoga. Matt had me up the beginning of the first lesson and I stayed up except for one quick dip when I stopped focusing on what he had been teaching. Got right back up and finished the first lesson, loving it. He is extremely easy to learn from, an excellent teacher. Helps with giving you confidence, should you not have it. I have taken several lessons from him, some on his boards, and then on the one he helped me find to purchase. Excellent deal, by the way. I don’t ordinarily make any recommendations for anything or anyone, but I have to recommend Matt if you have any real interest in learning how to paddle sooner and really quickly. Amazing and a good heart to boot. Thank you for my new sport, Matt.

Jenn Porto
October, 3rd, 2018
My husband Greg and I took our first SUP lesson with Matt just last week in Carlsbad Lagoon. I’ve been SO excited to try SUP and after reading Matt’s story, feeling his passion and reading other happy students’ stories, I contacted him. We made an instant connection over the phone and I knew I had found the right instructor. The experience was awesome. Matt is extremely talented at breaking down the mechanics of SUP on the sand first making anyone feel comfortable before getting on the water. He understands different personality types and learning styles switching gears effortlessly to make sure everyone understands what he’s saying. He adds warmth, humor and a smile into the mix the whole time. We had no problem navigating on the water our first time out, enjoyed every aspect of the experience including easy going chats with Matt as we were paddling and taking in the views. Matt thought of everything including cleaning the sand off our feet and shoes afterwards. We will definitely outreach to Matt again the next time we’re in the San Diego area. He’s an awesome instructor and an all around great spirit to spend time with on or off the water. Thanks, Matt!

Isaac Gonzalez
July 30th, 2016
Wow, what a great time! I work down at the Agua Hedionda lagoon and would watch the paddle boarders paddle on by and think to myself, “How is that fun?”. Boy, was I in for a rude awakening! After a well explained and informative introduction, I hopped on the excellent board that Matt provided, and it all clicked. The rock of the waves, the wind in my face, and the sun glimmering off the water… am I in heaven? I had a blast, and, thanks to Matt, felt confident and safe the whole way. This guy knows what he’s doing, and I’m not sure anyone does it better… Thanks, Matt!
David Bonfante
February 27, 2016
First time out on any board and I had a blast. Matt was really great and knows what he’s talking about, next lesson I’m bring the wife and kids. Thanks again Matt you’ll be seeing me again very soon.

Jackson Burhans
February 20, 2016
It was my first time ever paddle boarding and with in the first few minutes my instructor Matt had me ready for the water! I went back for a second day and he brought a whole new selection of boards to try. It was a great experience and an easy one thanks to 2 stand up guys. I would recommended to newbies and even experienced boarders, Matt is super knowledgeable!

Alec Mauk
February 20,2016
Amazing lessons! My cousin and I were down from Boston for the week and we were able to go out for two lessons. Both were very instructional and very well paced. Instructions were clear and the lesson was a lot of fun. Many different boards were available for us to try out which added to the experience greatly. Will be Recommending lessons from here to anyone I know who will be traveling or vacationing in the area.

Jordan Hodgdon
June 13, 2015
This was my first time on a board and Matt’s instructions were so easy to understand and made getting on the board a breeze, once I got past my nerves of course! I had such a great time, and highly recommend 2 Stand Up Guys for anyone! Also some other places offering lessons require every person to be 18 or older, Matt told me he’s taught kids as young as 5! So this is the place to go if you’re a teen like me wanting to learn(you need to have your parent/guardian present to sign for you though). Awesome experience, and at the end of my lesson when I expressed wanting to get a board Matt even offered to help with any questions I had about the sport!

Esther Roskam
May 11, 2015
Had a great time trying stand up paddle boarding for the first time; I was a bit nervous but Matt was super helpful and made it a fun experience, took pics, and was good company in general. Highly recommend.

Julie Christofferson
February 23, 2015
What a blast! Our family of four took a lesson with Matt while visiting Carlsbad from Michigan last week. It was our first exposure to Stad Up Paddle Boarding and Matt gave us a great introduction. We absolutely loved it! We range in age from 54 to 12 and have varying levels of athletic ability. Matt was able to share the same important instructional information with all of us, but still tailor his approach and communication style to each individual. He taught us exactly what we needed to know about proper technique to make the process simple and straight-forward. (No one landed in the lagoon, which was a good thing in February!) Matt clearly knows the sport and is skilled at teaching. It was his enthusiasm that really left an impression with us, though. You can tell he genuinely loves what he does and is passionate about sharing it with others. He was very engaging and encouraging, and gave lots of tips and positive reinforcement along the way. He spent the entire hour on the water with us, which set everyone at ease. We had hoped to return for another outing before our vacation ended, but ran out of time. We definitely will continue enjoying the sport here in Michigan when we thaw out! We wholeheartedly recommend 2 Stand Up Guys. Great experience all around! Thanks, Matt!

John B.
August 24, 2014
When it comes to stand-up paddleboarding, I would guess the quality of one’s instructor is probably evident by how dry one is at the end of one’s first-ever lesson. By that measure, I just as well could have worn a tuxedo to learn paddle boarding from Matt and 2 Stand Up Guys: I — and the 10-year-olds I was with — stepped off our boards as pristine as we began.

Matt’s instruction is simple, clear, and relaxed; and his gear is perfect for novices like us, and was sized perfectly to us as well. Out on the water, he was quiet (just right for the calm of the morning) but encouraging with gentle pointers. In scheduling those first lessons as well as rentals on a second day, he was super responsive, returning my calls within a few hours, and even calling me back when our connection dropped just to confirm the time again.

For all that, I think the pricing is fair if not a bargain. I get the sense Matt sincerely loves this sport, and his enthusiasm was contagious. In short, 2 Stand Up Guys is everything their name says.

Russ Y.
July 27, 2014
“Outstanding” just doesn’t cut it when talking about 2 Stand Up Guys … so I’m going to go with “exceptional!”
Ryan is a very good instructor … their gear is in great shape and suitable for novices … and the Agua Hedionda lagoon is a well-protected and warm place to stand up and paddle for the first time.
My only regret is that I didn’t have enough time during my trip to come back for a second and third — or more — lesson.

Michelle S.
July 11, 2014
Such awesome staff! I run a summer camp and brought 20 kids and 5 counselors to 2 Stand Up Guys. They are super helpful and great with a large group. Awesome job, we will be back in August for sure!

Thanks, Matt!

July 3, 2014
Choosing 2 Stand Up Guys for my first paddle board lesson was the BEST decision ever! Matt was encouraging, kind, patient, skilled, and so passionate about this sport that you can’t help but believe it will change your life. Matt quickly honed in on what I wanted to gain from the lesson and why I wanted to paddle board. Everyone is different and as true teacher knows, you have to tap into that motivation. This was not just a simple paddle board lesson, but the start of a new part of my life that brings me joy and peace. There are many paddle board companies in the Carlsbad area, but 2 Stand Up Guys is the best. You will get more than you expect. You will succeed, you will love it and you will be back!

Dianna F.
July 2, 2014
I just moved to Carlsbad and was so excited to try stand up paddle boarding. But a little worried because I’m 46 and not the most coordinated or athletic person. After checking out a few companies, I decided to try Stand Up Guys. BEST decision ever! Matt was encouraging, kind, patient, skilled, and so passionate about this sport that you can’t help but believe it will change your life. Now I can’t say it was easy for me, I fell a few times. But he cheered me on just the same and by the end of the lesson, no more falling down even when the wake from those annoying speed boats hit. Matt spent more than 90 minutes on my lesson, somehow took a ton of photos without me noticing and had me booked for my first rental by the end of the day. This is who you want teaching you. You will succeed, you will love it and you will be back! I can’t wait for my next session on the water and hopefully an ocean lesson soon.

Carla A.
June 1, 2014
These guys are fantastic!!! I had a few friends in town for the weekend who wanted to try paddle boarding. We had the BEST experience with 2 Stand Up Guys. They gave great lessons and instructions both before and once we were on the water.

I would recommend them to any one time and time again. Thanks for a fantastic day on the water.

Shelley T.
May 11, 2014
Matt and Ryan – I have been wanting to SUP for well over a year, and I am so glad that my first time was with you guys. Thank you for teaching from A-Z. I am still stoked from my morning with you on the water. YEAH! You care about safety, provided tips the whole time, and made it fun and educational. Win Win. Very impressed with both of you! THANKS AGAIN!

Mary Kate M.
May 8, 2014
I had a great lesson with Matt today! I learned more today than I have in all of my previous paddle classes (with different companies). He really took the time to answer my questions while gently correcting my technique. I am building confidence, Matt’s an exceptional teacher and coach.

Deana U.
March 24, 2014
My husband and I took lessons this past weekend and we had a blast! Ryan was our instructor and he was so professional, thorough and easy going. I loved that the lesson started on land for a bit to get us comfortable with the basics so that we were confident when it was time to get into the water. I was also impressed that he stayed with us the entire time….I know many instructors just give you a short lesson and send you on your way. It was nice to have him with us the entire time to help us out and teach us little tricks. We managed not to fall in the entire lesson which goes to show what a great instructor he was! We will definitely be returning soon to take SUP lessons in the ocean.

Steve F.
March 21, 2014
My wife and daughter, and I took lessons with Matt, and it was a blast! He gave us all individual attention and really cared about our experience. He is truly passionate about the sport. We will definitely come back for more advanced lessons. If you’re looking for a great experience from someone who really knows what he’s doing Matt is your guy!

Adam F.
March 8, 2014
I took a private lesson with Matt and I just want to echo what everyone else has already said. Matt is great instructor and is truly interested in teaching proper technique. I took 1 private lesson and came back a couple of times to rent different boards on my own to figure out what size I wanted to purchase. Even during a rental, Matt was still watching my technique and giving me tips to improve my stand up skills. These guys are legit.

Rob B.
Sept 22, 2013
Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Matt’s instruction was crystal clear and his positive attitude contagious. He totally laid the groundwork for me to have a successful SUP adventure. Next lesson – the ocean!

Sherry B.
August 30, 2013
Better late than never on my good comment. Took a lesson from Matt and Ryan. Wasn’t sure I could do it but they were confident I could and I did! I was so happy. They were so encouraging. So good at what they do! If I can do this, anyone can. Can’t wait to get the chance to go out again 🙂

Terasa P.
August 27, 2013
Matt was fantastic. I couldn’t believe how quickly I was standing in the water and before I knew it, I had paddled around the entire cove. He made me feel like an expert in no time! Thanks for accommodating our schedule; I told my friends they missed out on the highlight of the trip. We’ll be back next time we’re in San Diego.

Rob P.
August 26, 2013
My entire family had a wonderful time with Matt and Ryan … 3 daughters aged 5, 8 and 10, my wife and I, as well as my 70 yr old father in law. We are all non-SUPs, but with some great tips, we had an awesome time!! This was a great family event where everyone participated … and even wanted to do it again the next day. We were very pleasantly surprised how easy it was to learn from Matt the basics of SUP. They brought the boards, paddles and life jackets to the beach, which made for an excellent adventure. We will definitely go back many more weekends, as well as recommending 2 SUP Guys in the future!! Thank you Matt and Ryan!!

Tay D.
August 24, 2013
Never left a comment on goods or services before. Had to this time. Far exceeded my expectations. I am big and old and they had the right board for me. Ryan coached me the entire time. It was pretty windy that day and Ryan would not let that phase me. I am confident that in time I will surprise myself with how good I might get. Very happy with Ryan and 2guys.

David A.
August 11, 2013
My wife & I celebrated or 31st anniv. learing SUP from Ryan. We loved it and will again. Ryan is patient, and motivates with enthusiasm. I will be back to learn more from Ryan (as a 70 yr. old geezer I wanna be able to hit the surf). We spent full hour on flat water (my wife made it without falling off….. so at least one of us can say that). Thanks Ryan and Matt.

Joel C.
August 1, 2013
My testimonial is long over due! I decided to take SUP lessons due to rib injury keeping me from surfing and Matt and Ryan were awesome instructors with a real passion for helping you learn how to do it right with safety always emphasized. Did first lesson in Lagoon to get the basics down and then took a couple of ocean lessons to learn how catch waves. Bought demo board from the guys and have enjoying the SUP experience for the last year! Notable Paddles. -Puerta Vallarta paddle to Los Arches. -Cabo San Lucas surfing -Hawaiian business trip recently surfed everyday in Waikiki after meetings. The Best: In March hung out with 8 dolphins off Fletcher Cove for 1 1/2 hours! Matt: Give me a call, do want to talk to you about getting a more agile surf SUP board now that I don’t fall off all the time anymore! Joel C.

Jen P.
July 7, 2013
Fabulous! My hubby, 17 yr old son and I took our first lesson in Carlsbad Lagoon last Sunday. 100% top notch experience. Matt was our guide and he was professional, friendly, and did an all-around superb job. He even had croakies for me to borrow. The instruction was great, and Matt handled each of us just perfectly once on the water – my son was a natural and was fine left largely to his own, my husband likes a little more space than I, and I was given lots of one-on-one attention, guidance, reassurance and positive feedback – just as I like! Oh, also, I’ve got a shoulder injury and Matt carefully checked out my range-of-motion beforehand, and let me know the best form to protect my arm, and no harm done! (I went in a bit early because of it, and Matt saw me in safely, then let the other 2 continue a while.) My husband wasn’t too sure about spending the money on this, and when we were done was really glad we did (rather than just rent some and not learn how to do it right) – and he had a great time. I recommend them wholeheartedly!

Nancy M.
June 23, 2013
Don’t let the van fool you! These are 2 Professionals! When 2 guys next to an unmarked van asked if we were looking for “2 Stand Up Guys”, I had my doubts. What were my daughter and I doing?! Well, we were learning to SUP from 2 fun and experienced instructors, Matt and Ryan. On the beach we learned some basics and useful tips, stressing safety. Then off onto the water we went. Clearly, I needed the most help in our group, and one of them was nearby the whole time. My daughter took to SUP pretty quickly, and they gave her more advanced strategies. Perks: We all had a great time and stayed dry! I will definitely do this again with the 2 Stand Up Guys, Matt & Ryan. (Plus, if you think about it, the van makes perfect business sense – low overhead plus mobility. So really, 2 Smart Professional Stand Up Guys.)

Holly O.
May 21, 2013
I had a super experience my first time paddleboarding with Matt as my teacher and guide. He covered everything I needed to know. I had a great time! I recommend Matt to anyone who wants to know how to get up and go on a paddleboard. I didn’t get more than my feet wet.

Martin N.
May 16, 2013
Matt is a terrific instructor and a real professional. On our first outing, the conditions were sub-par, and he extended the professional courtesy of rescheduling to ensure a good experience. When we did go, he was extremely knowledgeable and said just the right things to make me mindful of what I needed to do. I picked up new skills quickly that will open up the sport to me in a big way. Thanks Matt!

James P.
May 2, 2013
2 Stand Up Guys didn’t disappoint. I was looking for a fun outdoor afternoon activity that all 30 of my corporate sales people could attend half way through our quarter to build team unity. Matt and Ryan did a fantastic job, although some members of my team ended up wet, we all left smiling and promising to come back for more. 2 Stand Up Guys provided an amazing team building opportunity for us and they come highly recommended.

Rachel B.
April 26, 2013
Had my first lesson today. Totally awesome. Loved it. And will definitely recommend to everyone interested. Matthew was a great instructor; he was such an upbeat, happy guy, which made learning so much more fun and carefree. Can’t wait up go back and rent from them.

Christina C.
April 24, 2013
I’ve had 2 lessons so far with Matt (June ’12 and March ’13). I remember Matt told me this on my first lesson: Now that you’ve tried stand up paddle boarding, your life will be changed forever. Man, was he right! Stand up paddle boarding is so much fun and so surprisingly easy! A lesson with them is really the way to go, specially when you’re starting out just like me. They teach you the basics and help you keep your calm and are really nice. I live in LA and willingly drive 1 1/2 hours for a SUP lesson . I must also mention that my 2nd class was actually on a Sunday afternoon. Matt was nice enough to accommodate me. I was in San Diego for the weekend, made a “pit stop” at Carlsbad to SUP before heading back to LA. Thanks again! I’ll be back more frequently this year! 🙂

Kristin B.
April 23, 2013
Took my first lesson today in the lagoon and had a wonderful time! Matt was so helpful, friendly and just overall awesome. I am super stoked that I’ve picked up this new hobby. I’m looking forward to taking an ocean lesson in the near future.

Julia C.
April 6, 2013
Great instruction!!! Went right along in the water with everyone and did an excellent job explaining the entire process. Very friendly and knowledgable.

Josh R.
March 5, 2013
Matt/Ryan, Thanks for two awesome days of SUP. Great way to start the morning ahead of a full day of sales meetings. Will be calling when we come back to town.

Barb R
January 24, 2013
I tried paddle boarding one other time and decided to take a lesson to make sure I was doing everything correctly. My boyfriend joined me (his first time) We had a blast. Matt and Ryan were very thorough teaching us technique, equipment and etiquette. They are both very friendly, knowledgable and fun! We are so glad we took the lesson and will be back to master paddling in the ocean! Thanks guys!!!

Jim H
January 4, 2013
My daughter and I just returned from our first experience with Stand Up Paddle boarding and a lesson with Matt and Ryan. I’m hooked! As a person closer to 60 than 50 I had serious doubts about pulling this off (nobody wants to be embarrassed in front of their kids) My daughter insisted and booked us a lesson. My apprehension faded quickly as Matt walked us through our lesson and within 15 minutes of starting the lesson I was standing up and pushing water. We both had a great time and initially our joke was that following the lesson I could check SUP off my “bucket list”. Well like I said earlier I’m hooked and will only be working with 2 Stand Up Guys going forward. I intend to regularly SUP for a long time. If you’ve ever wondered about this sport and questioned if you could do it or not than you owe it to yourself to call Matt & Ryan. Mark Twain once said ” in 20 years you’ll have more regrets about the things you didn’t do than the things you did” This is one less regret for me.

Scott J
December 16, 2012
If you are interested in learning paddle boarding there is nobody better to help you than Matt & Ryan! After a short introduction on the beach they had us up and comfortable in no time. We came back for a second lesson and bought our boards from them also. But it was more than just buying boards. Matt got us completely set up with everything we needed to transport our boards, including instruction on how to put them on the car. These two guys go above and beyond. Their enthusiasm for the sport is infectious. I highly recommend 2 Stand Up Guys. You’ll get all the tips and techniques to make it a highly enjoyable experience.

Mike F
December 2, 2012
Hey Matt and Ryan, I meant to post this earlier. You guys did a fantastic job with my nephew Nick! He had the best time and thought you guys were really cool. He learned the basics of paddling and we knew he was in the best hands! Thanks so much for making his trip to San Diego so much fun! Mike and Karena (Carlsbad)

Katia G
October 1, 2012
First time in Tamarack…AWESOME, AWESOME way to spend day wit my boys. Thsi was their first time and they THROUIGHLY enjoyed it …I was able to paddle away while the kids busied themselves with Matt’s engaging and fun personality and instruction… this was my second time SUPing, but shoudl have been the first, he teaches SUCH good form!! Form is everything, un all that we do!… and form is everything! On a even cooler note, Matt just seem to rock my kids boat, who TOTALLY enjoyed his rock star self– think the guys felt very comfortable and safe and we look fwd to more exposure to other water sports/open water! We had an incredible day and was way too short, so we will have to have many repeats! It is the start of a great thing! ; )

Michael V
October 1, 2012
My wife and I took a lesson from Matt. I had tried SUP before and thought I knew what I was doing but Matt taught me the correct way to SUP and it made all the difference. I realize now that I was working way too hard with a very inefficient stroke but after my lesson with Matt, I have a much better stroke. My wife was a beginer and he made her feel very comfoartable in the water. It was a great lesson!

Denise V
Sept 28, 2012
So these guys are the real deal! I wanted to learn how to do this the right way and Matt was just the guy to get me started. My husband and I had a blast taking a lesson from him. He’s completely thorough and makes you feel comfortable the whole way through. Can’t wait to bring out our kids for a lesson with him!

Dan L says
Sept 28, 2012
Have taken lesson at Laguna, SNO,DPt. These guys were the first to teach water safety! Instruction focused on how to develop techinque and eventually enjoy a day in the ocean. Ryan spent a morning in the lagoon teaching pivot turning ,an never talked about his ability. Check out You Tube! Recommend these guy to family and friends.

Jordan B says
August 21, 2012
Truly a great experience. Matt and Ryan are pro’s that gave us insight that you probably won’t get from anyone else. I’m glad I went with 2 Stand up Guys!

Rick Clark says
August 6, 2012
Carlsbad, CA. They got me paddling on a course to better health! I started SUPing one year ago with 2 Stand Up Guys. They got me going right. They not only know what to do and how to teach, but they are very positive and encouraging. When I started I was a mess- 56 years old, way overweight with high blood pressure and no stamina. With SUPing (which is FUN) as my only exercise, I’m now 45 pounds lighter, have healthy blood pressure numbers, and can keep up paddling with younger and more fit people. I’m planning to take it to the next higher level with Matt and Ryan. They have the championship skills and teaching knowledge to take you at whatever level you are starting at, and bring you to whatever level you want to achieve. And when visitors are in town, they are a must for SUP parties.

Deborah Sherman says
January 10, 2012
We went paddle boarding with Matt and Ryan this weekend. They took me and my whole family from Colorado on paddle boards into the lagoon. First, they gave us excellent instructions on how to paddle board for the first time. Then, all of us got on a board. Without any problem at all, we were able to stand up and paddle board for more than an hour!! Matt put my 5-year-old son on the front of his board and paddled him around with us. We had a total blast. Can’t believe that we haven’t done this before. It was just spectacular and Matt and Ryan made the trip tons of fun. Thanks guys so much. If you ever need a reference, please have anyone email me in Colorado. Take care and see you guys during our next visit to San Diego!!

Jan Weisman says
January 10, 2012
We all went paddle boarding for the first time and it was AWESOME! Matt and his staff did a great job. I didn’t fall once. My 7 year old was on a board and he did really well. The quality of the equipment and instruction was exceptional. Will go again, we had a blast. Thank you again. If you need a referral, you may email me. Jan

Jessica S. says
5/12/2011 I just returned from my first-ever paddle boarding lesson with Matthew. What a fantastic time! It was really windy, and I was pretty nervous. But, Matthew was patient, taught me some things before we hit the water, and then was super encouraging and helpful the whole time. I didn’t fall once, even when I tried Matthew’s more advanced board. Yay! I thought since it was a 90-minute lesson, that there would be more teaching and less paddling, but we went about 4 miles around the lagoon! What a workout. I am totally in to picking this up as my new hobby – and will definitely be back for another lesson (maybe the ocean next time) soon! You’d be silly to take a lesson elsewhere — Matthew was energetic, passionate about the sport, and had great insight.

Rachel H. says
Manhattan, NY 10/16/2010 These guys are great. I’ve had a paddle boarding lesson with Matt and a surf lesson with Ryan–both were incredible. I didn’t fall off my paddle board and Ryan had me standing up in no time, and I can’t even ride a bike… Ladies (and some gents, of course), these boys are both beautiful, so even if you can’t stand up, you can enjoy the view. 😉

Sunee V. says
Laguna Niguel, CA 10/24/2011 We had eight people in our party; only appt for 5 but Matthew and Ryan accommodated all of us without compliant. We took up much more of their time and stayed out on the water (them with us) longer than the allotted time. These guys are very passionate about what they do and it shows. They made us all feel confident and gave us lots of valuable information. We live in Orange county(Dana Point) these guys are well worth the drive for their expertise. We found there are a lot of places that just hire kids that take you out without much instruction, what happens you learn some bad habits that will effect your ability to learn to ride well. We also had a little girl with us which Matt put on his board, without extra charge, really made it fun for all of us. I just cannot say enough about “2 Stand UP Guys” …..THAT ..they really are. Please, if you are entertaining the idea of trying this sport, call them, you will not regret it, they make a real difference.

Evan L. says
Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA 9/15/2011 Honestly had a great time! I took my girlfriend and my brother who was in town back in July. 2 of our first times, and we all had a blast. The guys are great coaches and make sure every one has a great time! I would highly recommend this for any one!

Jonathan K. says
San Diego, CA 7/31/2011 This was my first time out on a paddle board and both Matt and Ryan were great. It was incredibly fun and everyone should learn from these two. Their lessons get you on the board quickly and comfortably.

Lindsay W. says
Carlsbad, CA 7/17/2011 I took one lesson with these guys as a recommendation of a friend and I will definitely go back. All the other reviews say it as well as I can. I am a chicken in the water and have never surfed before and Matt helped me get over my fear and have a blast. I will for sure take him shopping with me when I buy a board and want to continue with lessons since i value his expertise and patience with me as a beginner. I tried different boards, learned turns and had os much fun. As soon as I get another break from school I will definitely take another lesson and would recommend them to anyone of any age or experience level.

Sada S. says
Whittier, CA 7/14/2011 These 2guys are awsome! There were 9 of us “young” ladies ranging from 13 years old to 53 all with different levels of coordination. Matt and Ryan were so patient with us, needless to say it’s very difficult to get large group of girl friends to stop talking and listen to instructions. They some how got us all to paddle board all the way around the lagoon. Standing UP! Good times, good exercise, just another beautiful day in Carlsbad!

Kathleen H. says
Vista, CA 7/7/2011 My Husband & I brought along our 13 yr old daughter and our 12 yr old nephew.. for our lesson .. Not only did Matt & Ryan make us feel comfortable on the paddle boards – they made SURE that the kids were successful too!! Those two kids where not wanting to go before we got there- all the way home they could not stop talking about how much fun they had!! I would HIGHLY recommend TWO STAND UP GUYS!! Thanks for a great first time!- the Larsen’s~

R C. says
Poway, CA 7/1/2011 If you would like to learn how to Stand Up Paddle, Matt and Ryan are both great teachers of the sport, and are just two of the nicest and most quality individuals that you will ever meet. SUP is so much fun, great exercise, and is a sport that is very open to all ages, from kids on up to even old guys like me. Learning from them is fun and easy. The Carlsbad lagoon location is beautiful, easy to get to, with plenty of parking. Taking one lesson with these 2 very Stand Up Guys will have you up and paddling way easier than if you were to try learning SUP by yourself. Before you even go into the water they teach you about how to stand on the boards, how to paddle, turn, all just very basic skills really, and yes, even how to fall off the board. For almost everyone (except me! Ha!) it’s pretty easy. Once you are in the water they are right there with you the whole time, reinforcing the basic skills, reminding you patiently of all of the right things to do. Matt stayed with me the whole time, while Ryan instructed the rest of our group. I am far from the most graceful SUP person on a board, but I did learn how, and it was Matt and Ryan, the 2 Stand Up Guys, who taught me. Thanks Guys! See you in the water. Aloha!

Leanne V. says
Carlsbad, CA 5/23/2011 Wow! We had a great time last weekend on our first ever stand up boarding adventure with these guys. I signed up just my husband and me but our babysitter got sick at the last minute and so we had to bring the three kids (ages 7,5 and 5). No problem! The guys helped us put one kid on each board and they put one kid on their own board and took us out in the Carlsbad Lagoon. Super fun. We felt safe and well taken care of. It was great exercise but not overwhelming. They gave us a good amount of instruction but kept it fun and light. I was cold but and instructor lent me a water shirt. He let us try out several boards of different sizes and even let our 7 year old try it out at the end. We ran WAY over time and they didn’t care. They just wanted to make sure we were all having a great time. I totally want to sign up again and bring a group of girlfriends.

Sarah Z. says
San Diego, CA 5/14/2011 SO MUCH FUN! I spent an afternoon a few weeks back with 7 of us girls and two instructors. I believe his name was Matt and he was phenomenal. Such a positive guy, very encouraging and conscious of everyone. He was great in taking personal time with each one of us, making sure we were all enjoying ourselves. He took care of everything, getting all the gear down to the beach and back. Not if, but when I go again I will be sure to call him!! Such a fun time : ) I would recommend this to anyone, for a girls day, families, kids, I even saw dogs out on the bay!

Lucas E. says
Louisville, KY 5/5/2011 I recently returned from a trip to San Diego. We had found out about 2 Stand Up Guys through Groupon. It was a great time! I’ll be honest… I fell in twice, but this was after trying out a more “challenging” board that Ryan and Matt offered as we had been out on the water for enough time that we had gone around the entire bay for a run, and they thought we might be up for trying something new (which was great)! It was a great time, and they were both incredibly patient and willing to take the time to make sure you knew what you were doing. In addition to the above, they took pictures using their digital camera and emailed this to us after our trip… this was a GREAT bonus, and totally unexpected (and free!) You can tell these guys really want to make sure that you have a great time, and this is something that I think too often goes underappreciated these days. If you want to try something different and new, stand up paddleboarding is awesome… and 2 Stand Up Guys are a great place to go.

Geno A. says
Encinitas, CA 3/12/2011 Have you ever wondered whats up with those guys standing around on those huge boards out past the surf, pushing themselves around with those long rowboat oars? I was recently introduced to the new and unique sport of Stand-up Paddle boarding through some friends and was taken out by the very professional 2 Stand Up Guys for my first lessons. Started with a brief rundown of the basics on beach, got me in the water and paddling around within 10 minutes. Your first time being out in the middle of the lagoon can be a bit nerve-racking — having Matt or Ryan cruising right next to you offering tips and encouragement all the while is truly invaluable. Their whole operation is set up to make sure you have a fun time. Highly recommended!

Corey I. says
Manhattan, NY 10/18/2010 Had a delightful time paddle boarding on the lagoon with these guys. Matt and Ryan are awesome! Will definitely be back for more.

Oonie C. says
North Chatham, MA Updated – 10/16/2010 i just finished up my second ocean paddle. getting out over the waves, paddling down to seaside from cardiff (and back) – matt was at my side the whole way, being my eyes (watching the waves, my form) and chatting. a great work out and a total blast then it came time to catch a wave to surf in – and i am no surfer. he started me slow – feeling the rise of the waves under my board as it passed. i tried to catch one a couple times and went in, but he was right there watching, ready to help. after a few times on missing n’ dunking we paddled out past the break & just sat on the boards, chatting about fear, the shit that you let hold you back, recognizing that with the big spongy board i was on, with the small waves, with matt – c’mon, what fear? and then a small little set came in. and i got up, caught it all the way into shore. just like that. and i have not stopped smiling all day. a big, goofy face-ripper of a smile. a ‘fear? who cares?’ smile. a smile that i fully intend to make a consistent part of my repertoire. hells yeah. 1 Previous Review: 9/27/2010 Matt & Ryan give good – no, scratch that. Matt & Ryan give GREAT instruction. They were clear, fun, hugely enthusiastic, making me feel completely safe and completely capable at the same time. I walked out of my lesson feeling like a frackin’ rockstar. And now (of course) I am completely addicted. I can’t recommend these guys highly enough.

Jenster H. says
La Jolla, CA 9/26/2010 I bet these guys could have my grandma up and paddle-boarding no problem. Super professional and friendly! I was nervous when I showed up for my first lesson (I just had images of myself totally biting it and being a cold and wet paddle-boarder running through my head), but Matt gave me really good and thorough instructions before I got in the water, and was next to me giving me tips the whole time. I felt really safe and comfortable, and I paddle-boarded across the lagoon twice without even falling once! Their equipment is totally top of the line and I got to try three different boards. I went back the next weekend I loved it so much!

Jenn G says
February 7, 2012
My friend and I had our first lesson with Matt and Ryan yesterday. The guys were great right off the bat. They gave us great instruction to prepare for the water and then led us right in. We were standing in no time. My friend was off and paddling with Ryan like she’s been doing this her whole life (show off!). I, on the other hand, was pretty nervous. But Matt was great. He recognized I was nervous and helped make things more comfortable by talking me through it. Once I felt more comfortable, it was so much fun. Really, you can’t beat paddling around in the quiet lagoon in the sunshine! Matt and Ryan totally know what they’re doing and care about whether or not you do it right. They want you to have a good time and develop a love for the sport. So they teach you what to do to keep you safe, allowing you to get completely comfortable. Once you’re comfy, the only thing left to do is have a good time! We will definitely be taking another lesson from these 2 Stand Up Guys!

Lynne A says
February 7, 2012
I am the friend Jenn G went out with for our first stand up paddle boarding experience. I had a blast and can’t wait to go again. The reason it was so easy for me is due to the great instructions from Matt and Ryan. They were very thorough and very calming about what to expect out on the water. Ryan even showed me some of the paddling techniques they use in racing. I look forward to going out in the lagoon when I am next visiting the San Diego area and graduating to open water ocean paddling with these 2 Stand Up Guys. Thanks so much for a wonderful time.

Mikey D says
March 22, 2012
I am not one to post very often but when one had the experience I have had with Matt and Ryan, a great review is the least that I could do. Both of them showed great patience during my lessons and were open and honest and gave great feedback. they were both excellent at knowing what I could and could not do. If any is hesitant aout where to guy for a SUP lesson DONT BE WITH MATT AND RYAN!!! These guys are great. I have 5 kids under the age of 3 and I would not hesitate for either one of these guys to take them on the front of their board and let them ride around. Thanks again. I will be seeing you around. Mike

J.M. says
Chicago, IL 3/29/2012 Get your friends together and do this the first chance you get! I recently went for a group lesson and we had a GREAT time!! Watching the others was almost as fun as the paddling! These guys are great teachers and had everyone of us standing and paddling which I would not have believed possible. I highly recommend…this would be a nice gift for someone, too!

Jean R. says
June 25, 2012
Want to go paddleboarding but not sure you could do it? You’ve got to go with 2 Stand Up Guys! I was literally shaking with fear but Matt was fantastic! First we reviewed what to do while still on dry land. Then, on the water, Matt was next to me every “step” of the way, helping me, coaxing me, guiding me. His directions were clear and understandable, and he was very, very helpful. I stopped shaking and started actually having fun!! I never felt stupid or condescended to, either. We had a blast. And I DIDN’T FALL IN! (But if I did, I knew exactly what to do to get right back up again :-)) I highly recommend Matt and Ryan for your first Stand Up experience. My more-experienced boyfriend learned to better his practice, too, so they are great even if you’ve already been on a board. You won’t find more friendly and professional SUP’ers.

Claudia Kuepper says
CLAUDIA KUEPPER Jun 25 KIDZ WHO CARE CHARITY EVENT Special thanks to Matthew and crew at 2 Standup Guys, for all your kind, patient, and professional guidance with the kids (and dads!)!! Very much appreciated, you guys did a superb job getting everyone up who ventured onto the water. Thanks for all the gear too! Here is their link, please spread the good word on what a nice job they do getting everyone up on the water! Also special thanks to Rhonda at King’s Paddle Sports, for bringing out a ton of incredible boards for everyone to try out. Appreciate all the good advice too, getting folks onto the correct size board (one that floats them, ahem…)… So here are some great candids of everyone having a good time learning from the masters at 2 Standup Guys! Enjoy!

Jacqualynn G. says
July 17, 2012
Matt and Ryan are great teachers and I would recommend them to anyone looking to learn paddle boarding.

Gabby Connolly says
July 22, 2012
My husband and I brought our 13, 11, and 7 year old kids to San Diego for a family vacation. We had a fantastic time with Matt and Ryan at 2STANDUPGUYS! Matt and Ryan were very welcoming and very knowledgeable regarding SUP. Matt stayed with my 7 year old daughter until she was comfortable to do it on her own. And my two boys were so impressed with Matt and Ryan that we “are not allowed to go anywhere else for paddle boarding, except to see Matt and Ryan”. Not only did they give us safety lessons, teach us about the sport, and help us enjoy our lesson, BUT they made us want to go back the next day. 2STANDUPGUYS is absolutely the best choice for lessons and for having a great time on the water!!! Whether you are a couple, a family, or a group of friends, 2STANDUPGUYS is most definitely so worth your money! Thanks Matt and Ryan for making our first SUP experience a blast!

Gabby Connolly Santa Clarita, Ca says
July 22, 2012
Day two was even better! It is amazing how when we are taught With the passion that Matt and Ryan have, it makes learning so much easier. You guys are great! My kids love u guys and can’t wait to go SUP again!!!!! Xmas might be expensive this year!!!! Thanks guys it was so worth the money! =}

Renee Price says
July 22, 2012
If you are reading all of these beaming testimonials, then you need to give 2 Stand Up Guys (Matt and Ryan) a call and get out on the water- you will not find better teachers or nicer guys. We (myself and kids 11 and 12) had an amazing time. Our goal was simple…stand up, paddle and not fall in! We were successful! The guys taught us everything we needed on land then got us out on the water. They were incredibly patient, encouraging and they were out on the water with us the whole time. We saw the competition (if you can call them that) the people fell-often and the instructor was not in the water and I believe they had to carry their own stuff to the water. Matt and Ryan took care of all the set up and break down all we had to do was have fun! I loved the experience so much I bought a board-which again Matt and Ryan helped me out with all the way! The guys continue to give pointers and be helpful whenever we run into them at the lagoon.

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