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What separates 2 Stand Up Guys from other Stand Up Schools?

At 2 Stand Up Guys we try to go above and beyond in every aspect to guarantee your satisfaction of the sport. We are extremely passionate about what we do and thrive off of peoples enjoyment with their introduction to the sport of Stand Up Paddling. We provide the best equipment sized to fit you including a variety of boards to choose from along with a custom fit carbon fiber paddle. We also take pictures during your session and email them to you afterward (complementary). While many Stand Up Schools are in it strictly for the money and give you 10 minutes of instruction on the beach before sending you on your way, we are with you every step of the way right by your side in the water. We understand everyone learns at their own pace and we will be there through the whole process from stopping the “shaky leg wobbles” all the way to completing a successful “cross bow stroke” and “catching your first wave” in the ocean.

I’m not very coordinated. How hard is Stand Up Paddling?

Stand up paddling is relatively easy to learn compared to most sports. Of corse some people pick it up faster than others, but with our professional instruction, you should be up and paddling with confidence by the end of your lesson. “If you can walk down a sidewalk, then you can paddleboard.”

What size board should I ride, and how much weight can a board handle?

Your board size really depends on what you want to do with the sport. We will pick the perfect board for you to learn on according to you size, and skill level. Generally, the wider the paddle board, the more stable it will be. The longer the paddle board, the faster the glide. We understand that paddlers come in all shapes and sizes, and some people want to throw their kids or pets on the front of their boards while paddling, which is why shapers make boards in all shapes and sizes. We have successfully taught paddlers up to 300 lbs and as young as 6 years of age up to 80 years young on our fleet of boards!

What do I need to bring?

Just bring your positive attitude and an open mind. We will take care of the rest. We supply everything you will need for the lesson including a top of the line paddle board and a carbon fiber paddle that will be sized just for you.

Where do I park & can I bring someone who isn’t taking a lesson?

There is free public parking at the Carlsbad Lagoon as well as Mission Bay. Please feel free to bring a friend, child or family member that just wants to watch you take a lesson and hang out on the beach.

What does my lesson include?

A typical flat-water lesson, which is what everyone starts with includes about 20 minutes of instruction on land and a complete hour on the water. A top quality Paddle Board and Paddle is included, along with an instructor by your side the entire time. We like to keep a 4 to 1 student instructor ratio with groups.

What should I wear to my lesson?

A swimsuit or something you do not mind getting wet, although, most likely you will not fall in. In the winter months we have wetsuits available if learning in the ocean. If you’re learning on flat water, an old sweatshirt or a warm top should be all you need. Most people tend to overheat once they start paddling if they are wearing to much. Also, don’t forget a hat and/or sunscreen.

When is the best time of the day to take a lesson?

We recommend the morning time before 11am if you would like calmest conditions, however, we are available to teach at anytime during the day. Some days stay glassy all day long and sometimes people enjoy the challenge of a little wind and chop. Regardless of what time of the day, there is always a calm and protected marina in the Carlsbad lagoon that we can take students into if the conditions are rough.

How large of a group can you handle teaching?

A typical group averages between 4-15 people. We have taught many successful birthday parties and corporate events with up to 30 people at once. We ask that you please give us at least 1 weeks notice for groups over 20.

How much notice is needed for a reservation?

Please give us 24 hours notice before your lesson. We teach same day lessons if we are available for an additional $25 charge.

How many lessons should I take before I am ready for open ocean?

We always get asked this question and it’s a hard one to answer because everyone progresses at a different pace. On average people take between 2-4 lessons on flat-water before venturing into the open swells of the ocean. We can’t stress this enough though. The ocean is about 10 times as hard to learn on than the flat-water of a lagoon, bay, or lake because it is constantly moving with the surf. If you feel that your skills are up to par and you are ready to tackle the ocean, we would still like you to meet us at one of our flat-water locations and do a quick 5 minute demo for us so we know you are ready for the ocean. The last thing we want to do is send you out in the ocean before you’re ready. We want you to enjoy yourself while minimizing the risk and while also respecting your fellow waterman.

Do you rent and/or sell boards as well?

Yes we do. Our rentals are $25 for 1 hour and include a board and paddle. In order to rent you or someone in your party must have previously taken a lesson with us. We do this for your safety on the water and to protect our equipment. We have high quality epoxy boards and carbon fiber paddles, so we need to know you are capable of handling the equipment while staying in designated safe paddling areas of the lagoon. If you are in the market for a board we can help point you in the right direction. We have over 20 different models in our lesson fleet and you can request different boards to try out before you make a decision to buy one. Once you are ready we will help you in recommending the perfect board for you and your price range (we’re experts on craigslist deals). Also, sometimes we have used boards for sale as we are constantly updating our lessons and rental inventory.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check and credit!

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About Us

Since 2009, 2 Stand Up Guys have been providing the ultimate experience in SUP lessons, rentals, fitness classes, group events, open-ocean SUP instruction and traditional surf lessons.

Our qualified instructors have been specially trained in CPR/AED and schooled in a one-of-a-kind "Academy of SUP Instructors" (ASI) course. This course, taught by professionals of the sport as well as paramedics and lifeguards, trained 2 Stand Up Guys’ employees in the proper life saving skills, and precautionary safety techniques regarding the instruction of Stand Up Paddle Boarding.